The End of the West 

And the stars of heaven fell unto the earth even as a fig tree casteh her untimely figs, when she is shaken by a mighty wind

Revelations 6:13

Great cosmic disturbance is always a prophetic sign in Scripture. Again in Mark

And the stars will fall from the sky and the powers that are in the heavens will be shaken

Mark 13:25

It is in this context that this should be seen. A lot of debate exists about whether we are in the ‘end times’ – we are but there is a qualification. A distinction exists between the end times, the time of Gods Judgement and wrath being poured out on the earth and between the tribulation and the return of Our Lord Jesus. The end times last an indeterminate amount of time where as the tribulation is the end of the end times, so to speak. It is the culmination of God’s judgment and the arrival of the final judgement.

Once we enter the tribulation no reversal will be possible and the window of repentance will be closed. In Revelations 16:11 and 9:20 it is clear that during the tribulation, the hearts of the wicked will be hardened against God just as Pharoahs heart was hardened in Genesis. The path will be chosen and the die cast. However, currently the window remains open to repent though many will not for they have been given over to the wickedness of their own hearts (see Romans 1).

So, we are in the end times, as we have previously seen the Lords judgement is upon the wickedness of the earthly Church and it is also upon the Godless, wicked, West and that is the significance of the cosmic events we are seeing – it is the announcement of the Lords intent to judge the West, to judge the Church and the West will fall. The parallels with Rome are obvious – to save itself Rome sought to cloathe itself in the fakery of its state speaking sponsored Church. It is not long before the West will reach out to Islam, the religion of the beast, in a vein attempt to spiritually protect itself from God’s wrath. It will fail and only increase His anger.

The West will fall as Rome did. It’s coming and if the Church watched the heavens instead of the earth it would see this but it does not and it is therefore doomed to be judged alongside the crumbling civilisation it has allowed itself to become part of. 


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