Canterbury crucifies Christ

The apostate and renegade Archbishops of Canterbury and York have released a joint statement to mark the decriminalising of homosexual practice in Britain. It is worth looking a little below the surface. Let’s start from the top:

Today is the 50th Anniversary of the Act of Parliament passed in 1967 which decriminalised homosexual acts in our Country. The Church of England, led by Archbishop Ramsey, was supportive of the Sexual Offences Act.

In January 2016 the majority of the leading Archbishops of the whole global Anglican Communion – almost 80 million people in 165 countries – confirmed the longstanding view of the Communion that diminishing and criminalising homosexual people is wrong.

A clear attempt to root their current trajectory in established Church practice and argue that far from breaking with tradition they are actually its standard bearers. It is also meant to inculcate some shame in opponents of their position and brow-beat opponents emotionally into what laughably passes for repentance in their world from the ‘sin’ of refusing to comply with their view in the most patronising, finger-wagging, way.

The Church, not just the Church of England, but all those who follow Jesus Christ and whose lives are committed to his worship and service, has very often been defined by what it is against. It has condemned many things, and continues to do so, very often correctly, for example when they involve the abuse of the poor, or the weak, or the marginalised.

The Church is called more to be identified by what it loves, most of all by its pointing to Jesus Christ, not merely by what it condemns. Many people who have nothing to do with the institutional church and who seldom, if ever, attend it, nevertheless see in Jesus Christ someone of startling and extraordinary attraction. Many homosexual people follow Christ, drawn to him by his love and his outstretched arms welcoming all those who turn to him.

There are alot of unsupported and tenuous value judgements made in these two passages but what you notice is the role given to Jesus and the absence of God. For example, the Church is called by whom?? Jesus is reduced to what is mockingly referred to in a film called Dogma as a ‘Buddy Christ’, the lion of Judah is reduced to a meek lamb, someone that people look at from afar and like, are “extraordinarily attracted too”, he is someone people look at from afar and yes maybe follow, maybe aspire to be like but he is reduced to a passive figure in this entire passage, someone who is dead. The Jesus that the faithful know is far from this passive, moribund and crucially dead figure, he is a living, breathing transformative agent in our lives leading us to paradise and eternal life. In this passage, since Christ is killed stone-cold dead by this traitorous Church, crucified by those who claim to love and follow him,  the Church has taken his place, His authority and mantle. It therefore invites us into its walls, its embrace, and eternal death.

One of the things he said has been much on our minds recently: “Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. For my yoke is easy and my burden is light” (Matthew 11:28-30).

There is no human being to whom this does not apply. Every single one of us needs to lay our burdens on Jesus. For every single one of us, the burden that is most onerous, most difficult to bear, is the burden of what the Bible calls our sin, our failure to live as we ought, our continued falling short of the mark. It is the universal characteristic of being human that we are sinners.

Since the Church of England is now ruled by and in the Kingdom of Lucifer it talks like he does, with a forked tounge. Sin is wrongly defined as ‘not living as we ought’. Sin is rebellion against God, failure to live according to His commandments , to bend the knee and acknowledge the Lordship of Jesus and Kingship of the Father. This renegade Church will not acknowledge the true meaning of sin, conceals it, because if it did it would be shine a light on its guilt. It is true we are all tainted by sin, however, repentance (another word never used) offers us freedom from sin, Jesus offers us freedom from the bondage of sin:

and, having been set free from sin, have become slaves of righteousness.

Romans 6:18

But, and this point is crucial, the master of the Church of England, Lucifer, does not want us to repent and be free of the bondage of sin but wants us to accept sin and be quiescent to him, to think we are worshipping God and are ‘yoked with Jesus’ when in fact we are worshipping Satan through what is now HIS Church. 

To serve this Church, to refuse to fight to expel the traitors from it and therefore to eject the poison Lucifer inculcates into the Body of Christ though its disgusting agency is to turn our backs on God and Jesus and to turn our face to Satan and walk blindly into his ‘tender embrace’ while he sharpens his knife to plunge into our backs.


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