Baal or Allah?

The current approach to spiritual warfare is totally over complicated and unscriptural. Not only does Scripture not catergorise demons or evil spirits but neither does it include differing strategies. The strategy is always the same, direct confrontation confident in the power our faith gives us through the Holy Spirit.

How people can refer to a ‘Jezebel’ spirit knowing full well Jezebel was a human being (therefore cannot be a demon, a fallen angel) is beyond me. Jezebel sleeps until judgement for the wages of sin are death, not life or ‘undeath’, there are no such things as ghosts that are not demons playing dress-up.

The pointless ritual that the Church calls exorcism is a great advert for the placebo effect of momentary theatre. It’s all rather simple, people are afflicted when they colour outside the lines of His law, that’s the how and the why covered. Repentance is therefore key in every case and then the power of the spirit through prayer or even laying on of hands is enough.

Saying our main spiritual enemy of the age is Baal (paganistic godless hedonism) is to miss the point and to fail to understand what we know about the enemy. Lucifer wants us to sin, rebel against God, for sure but only so that he can swoop into replace God as our God because that is what he wants to be God. Lucifer wants us to cut the cord with God (sin, lawless hedonism) but then wants to be worshipped as God. Therefore the current lawless chaos won’t do long term.

It was different in Israel in the times of the Old Testament – the Israelites corruptly worshipped Baal – secularism does not ‘worship Baal’, or any god other than the self referential cult of the human individual and this is not what Lucifer ultimately wants. Here is where Islam and Allah come in. Lucifer wants to destroy secularism with a religion that gathers worship to himself so Baal is not the real enemy – Allah is, the one that is waiting in the wings, the gathering dark which will sweep aside secularism is Islam.

Let’s be quite clear – the Church is not ready for this and does not understand it. As things stand this war is lost before it has started. Our only defence is a prophetic enunication of the law of the Lord and that starts with the overthrow of the apostate Church. 


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