The ‘Rebel Alliance’ or New Hope??

A couple of things got me thinking – one was the title to this episode of the rather excellent Anglican Unscripted and the second thing were some of the responses to my last blog.

Let’s start with the first thing and make one thing clear. We are not the rebels. I am guilty of this, I, in conversation in public have accepted this label but it is founded on an untruth. What matters is not our relationship to the Church of England bureaucracy nor to Justin Welby, nor to the Synod. What defines us is our relationship with Jesus, our relationship with God and our position within His Kingdom and by this measure we not rebels, we are the faithful, loyal and true defenders of the throne. Mr Welby, the Synod, the corporate bureaucracy of the Church of England and all who follow them, be they clergy, laity or anything else are the rebels. Those who defy His will in His house are the rebellious ones.

People will say this does not matter but it does. How can we approach people with faith in their hearts and say we are rebels listen to us? They surely will not do so. If a women were to approach me and say they wished to be my partner but say openly they were unfaithful I would be a fool to open my heart to that person.

We would be much better advised to style ourselves as the New Hope because that is what we through our faith offer to the Church of England and those who want to turn aside from this ruinous path.

Secondly, let’s deal with the issue of leaving (or not). I have been told several times that since my position that the Church of England is an apostate Church I should leave – indeed, as discussed yesterday, that seems to be a view of the faithful as well. The first question I have to ask is why? Why do we have to leave? Why should God’s people evict themselves from His house and leave it derelict and dilapidated; a den of thieves and inequity. Do we not, in doing so, do a disservice to God?

We have done nothing wrong. They have. They are the ones that are not asked to leave the Kingdom but are expelled through the consequences of their own decisions – their usurpation of the Lordship of Jesus Christ. If we walk away we are surrendering that principle. In reality, as I have said countless times, the faithful should organise to expel the Church of England from the Communion and all other apostate Churches and fight for God’s sovereignty in His own house.


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