Make Disciples, Not Bishops 

One of my abiding concerns regarding GAFCON is the focus on what I would call ultimately ecclesiastical solutions to the current crisis engulfing the Anglican Communion.

The way we solve this crisis is yes to fight heresy at every turn but also to fufil our obligations under the Great Commisson.

Consecrating Bishops is an important step but surely there is no more important mission than the one given to us above. This is especially true as we have entered a time of great spiritual darkness and the number of God’s lost children wandering alone in the dark is high. I can’t help but feel that focusing on this might also develop and enrich GAFCON and reenliven a refounded Communion. If we look to Scripture and specifically the methods applied by the Apostle Paul there is no precedent for building a Church from the top down – i.e, starting with the clergy and moving on from there.

 So, how about it GAFCON, will we see over the coming months a serious effort to make more disciples than Bishops? 


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