The Voice of Elijah

Dr Peter Jensen, speaking to the GAFCON meeting on Wednesday, said what we really need is the voice of Elijah. I think it is worth pausing to examine this point and Elijah’s ministry.

To my mind, Elijah’s ministry defined, by the contest with the priests of Baal was a prophetic one but it was also one of effectively spiritual warfare. Unquestionably this is what is currently required within the Church because the false teaching of Canterbury needs to be not just exposed but actively combated and this can only be done by effective spiritual warfare.

Signs will be forthcoming and accompany the ruination of the Church of England. A spiritual deadness pervades the Church as it stands, indeed, in many ways, it is one of the least supernatural places you can find on the planet. It substitutes empty ritual and venal self-serving appestites for the presence of the Lord at its core. 

A prophetic challenge to this is an urgent need – however, there is more to say because the great threat of our age is the worship of a false god but not the secularist one. The great threat of our age is Baal by another name, Allah. All this sin and decandance is all well and good for Lucifer , it destroys the bond between humanity and God, but what Lucifer really wants is to replace God and therefore he craves worship and our submission to him not just the anarchic destruction of humanities loving bond with our Creator and Father.

Secularism was the first wave and it has softened the Church with false doctrine and false teaching but the real assault is yet to come and that is from Islam. It is little surprise that this false doctrine has led to the rise of a movement within the Christian Church to effectively merge the two religions. ‘Many paths to the same God’ is now the heretical call of all the leaders of every major denomination – it is only a matter of time before one openly denies the Sonship of Jesus. 

Herein lies the battle, the war for the soul of the Church between children of the light and children born of darkeness, willing dupes and bond slaves to evil. Ignorance is no defence.

“If you were blind, Jesus replied, “you would not be guilty of sin but since you claim you can see your guilt remains”

John 9:41

All those with the Spirit have the gift of discernment- they claim to see, the guilt of every Church leader that appeases Islam is therefore established. God will judge His Church and judge those leaders who are faithless and false teachers in the here and now. Our task is to build a Church that will be as an ark a shelter to the faithful in the great trials to come and to paitently endure while resisting false doctrine and defending the purity of the word, to become the prophetic voice of Elijah in this last battle between light and dark, between heaven and hell. 

I say clearly to the Church 

Wake up! Strengthen what remains and is about to die, for I have found your deeds unfinished in the sight of my God

Revelations 3:2





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