An open letter to the Bishop of Peterborough 

To the Rt Rvnd Donald Allister 

I am pretty sure you won’t remember me but I do remember you. You oversaw my confirmation at St Botolphs in Peterborough under a year ago. 
One of the things that stuck with me is what you said to me and the entire congregation that even when I didn’t know, love or accept God that He was with me and loved me. This struck a chord more than you realise because I thought back to one particular occasion when my life was saved seemingly by chance but obviously not by chance but I realised as you spoke the truth of what you said to me that day, that God was with me and even though I should have died and in so many ways it would have been no less than I deserved and continue to that I yet live by His grace and mercy alone. 

A lot has happened in the last year. The Church of England is staring into the abyss of its own self-immolation, its leadership has strayed far from the narrow path and finds itself on the broad and wide path to destruction and dammnation and I am told you will not speak out even as an evangelical? This saddens me deeply as you were present as I received the Spirit at the very moment of my rebirth in Christ. It saddens me that you clearly lack the courage to speak out against Mr Welby and his continued slide towards accommodation of what we both know to wrong and sinful in the eyes of our Lord. We should remember the words of our Lord Jesus at this point:

If you were blind you would not be guilty of sin; but now that you claim you can see, your guilt remains

John 9:41

Ignorance will not be a viable defence for any of us when the day comes.

I would like to thank you for the gift you gave me that day, a gift that of a new life in Christ and for that reason I would like to think you have it within you to change course, to speak up for God and His Holy Word. I would love an opportunity to discuss these issues further. Please reply and indicate when this would be possible.

Despite everything I remain

Yours in Christ 

Darrell Goodliffe 


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