A call to repentance 

Apparently, the next General Synod is to hold a emergency debate on the ‘state of the nation’. I am not hopeful that this will produce a great outpouring of spiritual insight if I am honest.

The measure for the course of national events is the relationship of that nation with God. Britain will never be a nation of God’s chosen, that will always be Israel, but that in no way precludes a stronger bond with God on a national level and a turning towards Him.

Britain though in reality is an impoverished relationship with God as practically proven by the fact that the Church of England is currently circling the drain. However, at least it’s not alone – the same is true of the entire Western geo polity.

I doubt the looming threat of Islamisation will feature at all in the Synods deliberations because it refuses to recognise such a thing exists let alone is it willing to digest the Scriptural implications of judgement and the urgency of calling for repentance across the nation and a turning towards the Lord as the only thing that can provide a true defence against Islamic takeover.

Christianity is the only force that has succeeded in holding the Islamic wolf at bay. The secularist world is crumbling before its advance because it has no answers to the deep dark and ultimately spiritual power that drives Islam forward. It is not accident that ever since its inception, Islam and Christianity have fought just as light and dark always have and will do until the end, it is no accident that ISIS target Christians with especial vehemence – they do so because we are God’s people and they slavish serve the dark, brooding, ever spiteful prince of this world, Lucifer.

You will hear none of this at the synod though – no talk of repentance, no desire to save Britain from His judgement and certainly no desire to put on the full armour of God and go to war to defend His people, those who are returning home and those still lost, wandering alone in the dark and that more than anything else is a damming indictment on the falseness of the see of Canterbury and its blindness and ignorance of the love and wishes of the Lord our God. 


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