Mr Welby, your crook is broken 

My simple statement is the one contained in the title, the core undpinning of which is the assertion that Justin Welby is Archbishop in name only, that he has no real authority.

This is due to His will and His Word alone. The command to those in leadership in the Church is clear

Keep watch of yourselves and of all the flock of which the Holy Spirit has made you overseers 

Acts 20:28

Appointment to office within Gods Church is therefore a position of trust – a position of trust that Mr Welbys willingness to compromise the Word of God has substantially breached and broken. The latest of which is the accommodation offered to transgenderism. 

The widening split in the Communion is the material confirmation of Mr Welbys effective removal from office and there will be more to come. You cannot claim to lead Gods Church while continually breaching the trust of the covenant you made with Him – something Mr Welby is about to discover to his great cost. 


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