Farron’s Faith 

For whosoever wishes to save his life will lose it, but whoever loses his life for My sake shall save it 
Luke 9:24 

Tim Farron his lost his life, not literally, but metaphorically as his political career ended the second he stepped down as the leader of the badly misnamed Liberal Democrats. I have previously crticised him on this blog but I am delighted the Lord our God has touched his heart and he has returned to being a faithful disciple of Jesus. 

Everything that Mr Farron said in his resignation speech was spot-on. He was right to criticise those Christians in politics who seek to impose the covenant on non-believers through the fiat of state law. This is against Scripture and everything we know about covenant law. It is the worse of prideful arrogance and it puts ourselves in Gods place – it is as sinful as Mr Farrons erstwhile reluctance to defend Scripture and call gay sex what it is, a sin.

Our purpose in politics is not to impose the covenant on non-believers but literally advocate for God and His will. Trying times lie ahead for us all as we find our freedom restricted in supposedly liberal countries, Scripture under attack from heresy within the Church and state repression outside of its doors. Now more than ever Gods people need advocates in the public domain because we are returning to the beginning when Christians were a persecuted minority. 

Mr Welby would do well to learn from Mr Farron his courage and selfless choice of Christ over his Party. It is a choice he lacks the necessary moral character to make and beneath all the high-minded talk is the simple lust for power and position. We should pray for Mr Farron and that the Lord our God will stand with him and guide him along his future path walking on the path first travelled by Jesus, home to our Heavenly Father. 


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