Welby blesses Jihad 

Thou shalt have no other gods before me Exodus 20:3

Mr Welby in offering God’s blessing to Muslims during Ramadan is in breach of this fundamental commandment. It perpetuates the lie that the Christian God is the same God as the Muslim one.

In offering a blessing for Ramadan, Mr Welby has effectively blessed Jihad as this link explains which only serves as perfect example of the depravity of his position especially as ISIS have called for “all out war” during Ramadan. So, if there is another attack during this month the blood is literally on Mr Welbys hands and he will have offered Gods blessing to these atrocities. 

Even in a secular society, a country is defined by its spiritual leadership and this act of appeasement to evil marks a new low  for the office of the Archbishop and for the the Church of England. It makes a further progression in its degeneration and a further rupture with God. Let’s be quite clear, Mr Welby has no mandate from God to lead, in fact quite the opposite, his leadership is an insult to God who has no confidence in him and can no longer be tolerated. 


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