Is it time to leave the Church of England? It’s a simple question with only two really viable answers – yes and no.

Firstly, we must establish the parameters of making our decision and recognise that whatever we may do we cannot truly split it. Only God can ultimately do that and He will regardless of our individual decisions if the current leadership carries on its current course. Secondly, we must be Scripturally and spiritually led. Thirdly, we must always look to the bigger picture.

In the grander scheme of things – if you accept as I do – that Britain will be a significant world power still during the end times that makes the disposition of Anglicanism important. I am weary of proclaiming one denomination the true one over others because I feel there is little Scriptural room to do that – I think people who are faithful to God are scattered across the denominations- but it does make Anglicanism a significant player in the continuing prophetic unfolding of world events. This leaves little doubt in my mind that the course of events within Anglicanism is a source of heavenly concern.

I have heard it said that there is little Scripture to guide us here and were we to look merely at the words that would in many ways be the case but there is reading Scripture and reading Scripture with discernment. Ultimately, the success or otherwise of a Church is measured against the Great Commission and here, gay marriage issue aside, I see a Church that is failing. The Great Commission isn’t about filling the pews either – it is about making disciples which is an entirely different enterprise. 

Turning to the gay marriage issue, it is utterly unacceptable that the current Archbishop of Canterbury has allowed himself to be collared in a leash laced from his good intentions and his venal, self-serving, desire to maintain his own temporal power. He is currently being paraded around the bloc and systematically humiliated by Lucifer if only he but knew it. His leadership in God’s Church is therefore an affront and a direct insult to God and he should be removed. We can call him to redemption but I feel it unlikely he will respond until events and the grinding wheels of the Lords judgement show him the error of his ways. 

I said at the top this question had a simple answer and indeed it does but it is not our question to answer. If we accept the sovereignty of Scripture then we accept the sovereignty of God over this heaven, earth and especially His Church. Fight faithfully to Him in the way which He leads you, for some that will mean staying, for others leaving, both choices are in that respect equally valid and there is no right or wrong answer only the answer that He gives you. 


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