Now more than ever 

Following the terrorist attack on the Manchester Arena, Britain is a country in shock and mourning. It’s political class consistently fail the British people.

Now more than ever then we need a Church of England spirtually tooled-up and locked and loaded with Scriptural ammunition. Only God’s Church can ultimately provide the answers that people need and probably confront the unrelenting spiritual evil of Islam.

However, as it is, the Church leadership is not up to the job – it is too far from God – the Church of England is led by the faithless and faithlessness is no defence against the evil that confronts us – it is this faithlessness that has directly enabled the rise of this evil like a viscious weed grown in the cracks in solid stone. It is therefore right and proper now that the faithful demand the resignation of the Archbishop of Canterbury to enable his replacement with someone worthy of God, faithful to his Word and who is willing and able to defend and speak for His people in the storms to come.


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