Shards of Glass


I have to be honest – I find Church politics exasperating, even more so than earthly politics. At least, in the case of the latter, I can understand the complete absence of God. However, in the case of the former it is more puzzling and vexatious.

The recent consecration of Bishop Pryke has sent shockwaves through the Church of England and rightly so because it is essentially the beginning of the end for the C o E. Proof positive of that can be found in its supporters comparing it to the beginning of the Reformation and Luther’s rebellion which eventually led to the historic schism with Rome. This passage talking about Luther interested me:

Yet he — with all his flaws — was God’s instrument in bringing lasting and beneficial change to the Christian churches.

It is something I can go along with, to a degree. However, this is more a glaring testimony to my mind just how long the Church, meaning the entire Body of Christ, has been a battleground between adherents of the Word and heresy and it is also a testimony to the fact that Luther’s rebellion has clearly not settled that question as it is a battle still raging today and the Roman Catholic Church remains as powerful as ever.

I am deeply concerned about the manner of this decision not because it ignored the Church of England hierarchy but because it seems to ignore God. It is perfectly reasonable to expect that when we are fighting for the soul of His Church we should be asking Him what we should be doing. I cant help but feel that this is the reason reclamation movements fail – and be under no illusions Luthers did – because God gets pushed to the sidelines. He stirs the impulse to rebel and he is simply then ignored and marginalised.

Unless I am very much mistaken, we are all infilled with the Holy Spirit, our guide, counsellor and advocate. When we start a new job, a new relationship, anything we should be asking if this is what God wants of us in our service to Him. We certainly should be asking that when we take actions like the one above, in his house.

What, in earth, or heaven gives us the right to split HIS Church? When I wrote yesterday I did not say this Church should split, I said HE WILL SPLIT IT – there is a fundamental difference. GAFCON and all the other myriad shards springing from the shattered glass of the Church of England should take heed and ponder why instead of unity around the Word we are faced with the opposite. The consecration of Bishop Pryke is a warning both to Welby and the Church hierarchy and the rebels – do not turn your back on God or else he will turn his back on you – He has stirred this rebellion but it is his and his alone to finish.


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