God and Brexit

westminsterOne of the things that defenders of the Word need to get to grips with is the use of online media and communications. Not exactly the article the headline above implies? I will get there in time but I couldn’t really write this piece without mentioning the absolute stranglehold liberal heresy has on the Christian media and it is something that has to be broken.

Its this stranglehold that allows the preponderance of such horrors as this piece from a year ago. The article is totally insulting to Scripture (and therefore God) because it mentions Scripture in a rather passing and actually derogatory sense as if the prophecies mentioned and the interpretation of them was some kind of esoteric exercise. It gives no Scriptural grounding for its central premise – that those favouring Brexit and seeing God’s hand in it were fundamentally mistake nor does it in any way argue back against the prophecies.

A serious Christian cannot look at pagan imagery and conclude it means nothing nor can they ignore this simple fact – the formation of the European Union is an act of rebellion against God. Only He has the authority to reverse his decree that the people under Nimrod speak different languages and be scattered, something he does in Acts;

And they were all filled with the Holy Ghost, and began to speak with other tongues, as the Spirit gave them utterance. Acts 2:4

This was an act of God though not a reversal of his decree born by the arrogant self-activity of humankind. Finally, the picture above is proof of God’s blessing of Britain’s decision to leave the EU – the rainbow, the symbol of God’s covenant never to lay waste to the earth via flooding again due to the sin of humanity is sighted over Westminster the day after the Brexit vote. God’s covenant with his creation stands in stark contrast to Nimrod’s act of petty revengeful spite and his artificial, dictatorial prison house of people.

In closing, lets return to the original point – the internet is obviously especially rife with sin – but that does not mean that it cannot be used to transmit the Word of God to the ears of his faithful followers – we should not be shy of this.


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