The Satanic Left…..

islamAbout a week ago, I posted a strong-worded attack on liberalism as a comment on a Christian Post piece. This immediately attracted the attention of 5 posters, all of which upon closer inspection turned out to be connected to one central, openly Satanist respondent. I was not surprised.

Let’s be quite clear. Obviously, not everyone with left-wing political views is an openly practising Satanist or has links to such unsavoury characters, however, the links between the political left and Satanism are simply too numerous to ignore. Of course, the links between the upper-echelons of America’s Democratic Party are widely documented and easily provable, not least by reference to the leaked Podesta emails and his connections to the clearly Satanic practice of Spirit Cooking.

Not convinced? Maybe watch this video of the left openly embracing witchcraft. Or consider the case of the monthly spiritual attacks on the Presidency of Donald Trump. Witness the behaviour of so-called ‘triggered’ leftists here , here, or maybe just attend a leftist riot someday. Do that, and tell me that this behaviour does not suggest something is seriously wrong.  Most people will of course, think nothing of this, they will think it somewhat bizarre but that should not be the attitude that Christians take, for us, it should be a matter of the most extreme gravity.

The fact is that the left also hates Christianity (and the Jews and the state of Israel) but loves Islam, so much so that leftists on a ‘Womens March’ have been caught chanting Allahu Akbah, the Womens March in America was pro-Sharia Law , a system of law which allows husbands to beat women, honour killings, the list goes on. In other words, all logic and reason suggests rather than embrace this religion, the left should actively loath it…..but the number of principled leftist critics of Islam is non-existent. Islamism is also Satanic as we have previously discussed.

So, we have the open embrace of Satanic practices, a heightened state of emotional response, which exists in denial of objective reality, the hatred of God’s people and of Israel, the close links to Islam (in complete denial of the left’s stated values) which is a clear case of perjury of the soul if ever there was one. It is not hard to look behind this and see the influence of real deep spiritual darkness and evil pulling the strings of the political left – Christians beware, liberalism is not your friend, it the latest disguise used by your enemy to deceive you and entrap you.



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