The Split In The Communion 

The fissure in the Anglican Communion is threatening to become a full-scale split. Conservative Bishops from Africa and Asia are reportedly mulling over a direct challenge to Justin Welbys authority. 

Let me start from the top and expose this conflict for what it is – a direct result of the compromising of God’s Word and the accommodation of sin. This is God’s judgement on the Anglican Church and it is not something that is confined to Anglicanis  m – the Catholic Church is in a state of “civil war”. God’s hand lies behind these rebellions – accross the denominations people are rising up against leaderships which have compromised his Word – they are rising up to reclaim the Body of Christ from the corruption of sin. Before the world is reclaimed, the Church must first be reclaimed.

We are not called to be passive actors in this conflict – without God we cannot but without us God will not. He is looking for people to defend his Word and will fight at the back of those who will fight for him. Conservatives should organise cross-denomination around the central plank of defending Scripture and the holy word of our Lord.

In regards to the Communion, dialogue should continue but that should not lead to compromise. Unity must not be built on false compromise and comprising the Word and the Law – it can only be built on the rock of the living word of the Lord – our African and Asian brothers and sisters are right and they are especially right to challenge the decadent nature of the Western Church. This is a conflict between those faithful to the Word of our Lord and the faithless and fecklessness of those who wish us to accommodate sin and therefore the father of sin – Lucifer – purely because it is ‘trendy’ to do so. 

It is Mr Welbys failure to provide an uncompromising defence of the Word of the Lord that incurs his wrath and the punishment of division and disunity – if he will not repent then the Communion will split as His Judgement on a Church that errs is delivered. 


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