The Heretic King v The True King

popefranicsA couple of people have asked me why I would not consider the priesthood. The short answer is I serve God and not the Church and contrary to what people think those two callings are often at odds.

The canting hypocrisy of the Pope, the Heretic King who sits on  his throne in Rome is a perfect example of my point. For example, take this proclamation;

“Each individual Christian and every community is called to be an instrument of God for the liberation and promotion of the poor, and for enabling them to be fully a part of society. This demands that we be docile and attentive to the cry of the poor and to come to their aid.”

This from a man who is literally sitting atop a throne of gold and who literally, in Vatican City, leads the worlds richest state. It also literally has its fingers such in so many pies that it would make any decent Christ-filled Christian wince:

The Vatican is known to have gold reserves alone to the value of several billion dollars, including in the US Federal Reserve, and of course even a casual assessment of the real estate owned world-wide by the Church would add many more billions to that figure. The Vatican City itself has a rich economy relative to its size; the exact GDP figure is unknown, but authoritative estimates place the Vatican City’s current annual revenue at over $350 million. For a population of around 800 people, this means GDP per capita is well over $400,000, making it the richest state on earth by some way.

Overall, the Vatican has a very dense but widespread investment portfolio, holding billions of shares in some of the most powerful international corporations, for example in Gulf Oil, General Motors, General Electric, IBM, Shell and many others. The Church also has large investments with the Rothschild family, and in a number of world-renowned banks, which in the United States alone include the Morgan Bank, Chase-Manhattan, Bankers Trust Company and a number of others. Even the Vatican’s own bank – formerly the Institute for the Works of Religion – made a profit of $76 million in 2014.

Literally, the Catholic Church is a giant harlot, which worships at the altar of every God going be that the God of money and profit, or Allah, the false God of Islam. Jesus, the true king, would I do not doubt have the following advice for the Pope if his concern for the poor and indeed to follow him was genuine:

Jesus said to him, “If you want to be perfect, go, sell what you have and give to the poor, and you will have treasure in heaven; and come, follow Me.” Matthew 19:21

I have no doubt the Pope would turn his back on Christ when given that instruction, much as the young man did in Scripture. Are Protestant Churches any better? No. Reading my provided hymn book at a Church of England Church this morning I saw hymns to the ‘Blessed Virgin’ – idolatry in the house of God – nowhere is Mary worship commanded or instructed or even mildly encouraged – Mary mother of Jesus is at best a marginal figure in Scripture – certainly not worshipped. The Church of England has its snout in the trough as well. From wrong beliefs flow wrong practices.

So, this is why I will not be a priest. As our Lord himself points out, you cannot serve two masters and I choose to serve God over the Church. Instead I will continue fighting for our faith to return to its revolutionary roots, to make the call for the Kingdom of God a revolutionary one even when that revolution meets the obstinacy and self-gratified, self-serving interests of the established Church.



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