Thought For The Day

We rightly celebrate the events that underpin the Easter Story which, of course, has nothing to do with bunnies and chocolate. It is true that every day should be Easter Sunday for Christians because he is risen every day not just when the Church says it is so but nonetheless it is a worthy cause for human celebration – after all, our debt with God was paid down and the door of eternal life was opened for us all.

However, does anyone spare a thought For God? I’m being serious. Let me explain. God watched His only Son brutally butchered on the Cross by the very people he came to save. If the Bible teaches us anything it is that our God is a God with feelings – at various times in Scripture God is pleased, angry, sad, regretful and remorseful, etc, etc. I therefore can’t help but feel that God sees Easter differently, that maybe there are tinges of grief and sadness in heaven at this time. Something worth considering…..


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